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Jam Monster - 30ml Nic Salt E-juice Grape Flavour

    Jam Monster | Grape | Salts | 30ml


      Jam Monster - 30ml Nic Salt E-juice Grape Flavour

      Is any flavour of jam tastier -- and more classic -- than grape jam? We don't think so, and neither does Jam Monster. Grape by Jam Monster is a thick slice of toasted bread served with a side of churned butter and grape jam. It's delicious.

      Drop into your local Xvape shops near you in New Market or New Lynn, Auckland, or simply order online now. We can ship to Australia within 3 days. 

      Jam Monster - 30ml Nic Salt E-juice Grape Flavour is available in:

      • 30ml
      • PG50/VG 50
      • Nic Salt 24mg/ 48mg

      Please note:

      All nic salt e-juice shall be use for MTL devices.




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