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IQOS Heets - Single Pack

    IQOS Heets - Single Pack

    $16.00 $20.00

      Important Notes for Heets Order to Australia:

      We will need to receive a copy of the permit scanned file in order to release goods and send them to Australia by DHL Express.

      Please email the permit to info@xvape.co.nz and we will save it in your online profile, so we can direct send your shipment out for any future order.

      Please read the link if you need to apply for the import permit.

      IQOS HEETS Tobacco Sticks Single Pack (20 HEETS Stick per pack)

      Heets Tobacco Stick Flavors

      Heets Bronze

      HEETS Bronze Selection has tobacco flavor and blend cocoa and nuts

      Heets Amber

      HEETS Amber Selection has woody flavor of toasted tobacco blend with nut

      Heets Yellow

      HEETS Yellow Selection has tobacco flavor and blend with light citrus notes

      Heets Sienna

      HEETS Sienna Selection has woody flavor of toasted tobacco blend with tea

      Heets Green

      HEETS Green delivers deep menthol cooling sensations colliding with citrus and the aroma of spicy herbs.

      Heets Purple

      HEETS Purple Wave has a flavor of toasted tobacco with menthol and berries

      Heets Blue

      HEETS Blue Selection has a flavor of toasted tobacco blend with peppermint and vanilla

      All Heets Tobacco Sticks are for IQOS Devices

      Drop into your local Xvape shops near you in New Market or New Lynn, Auckland, or simply order online now. We can ship to Australia within 3 days.




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