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Dizz It - Caramel Donut Flavour 60ml 3mg E-juice

    Dizz It | Caramel Donut | 60ml


      Dizz It - Caramel Donut Flavour 60ml E-juice

      Dizz it series are create by Nasty in their tobacco juice range.

      This is the best taste desserty juice I had ever try. Great taste and sweet to the bottom of your heart.

      If you like dessert type e-juice, this will be your flavor.

      Drop into your local Xvape shops near you in New Market or New Lynn, Auckland, or simply order online now. We can ship to Australia within 3 days.

      Dizz It - Caramel Donut Flavour 60ml E-juice is available in:

      A blissful balance of caramel and hints of nuts all wrapped up in a scrumptious donut.

      • 60ml
      • 3mg
      • PG 30/VG 70

      Extra Nicotine can be added. Please leave a note at checkout if you want to add nic.




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