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DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank

    DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank


      DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank

      DOVPO Blotto RTA Atomizer Details

      Brand: DOVPO
      Product Name: DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank
      Type: Atomizer | Vape Tank | RTA
      SKU: DOW000300
      Color: Black,Silver,GunMetal
      Launch Date: Aug 22,2019

      DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank 2ml Introduction

      DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank is comes with a 2ml straight glass tube, a 6ml bubble glass and a 6ml bubble tube which is made of Ultem.supports single coil or dual coils building.Featuring the 242° direct to coil Airflow system, A bottle opener is included which can also be used as a coil trimming tool. With the easy top filling design and adjustable bottom airflow system.

      Parameters of DOVPO Blotto RTA 6ml Tank

      Diameter: 25mm
      E-juice Capacity: 2ml(standard glass)/6ml(bubble glass and bubble tube)
      Coil Type: Single coil & Dual coils
      Filling Method: Top Fill
      Airflow System: Adjustable bottom airflow

      Features of DOVPO Blotto RTA Tank Atomizer

      ➤ Support dual coils or single coil building
      ➤ 242° direct-to-coil internal airflow for fantastic flavor
      ➤ Dual diffusion airflow for a smooth draw
      ➤ Easy top filling design

      The Package of the DOVPO Blotto RTA Includes

      ✔ 1 x Blotto RTA
      ✔ 1 x Glass Bubble Tube
      ✔ 1 x ULTEM Bubble Tube
      ✔ 1 x Accessory Bag
      ✔ 1 x User Manual
      ✔ 1 x Bottle Opener

      Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.




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