"Important Note to Aussie Vapers"
Customer Service Email: info@xvape.co.nz

Level 4 Alert Update:
We have close our retail shop due to level 4 alert to Covid-19 but we still operate our online service.

Service Timeframe:
1. Same day delivery for order placed before 3 pm. (For orders within 10 km radius of any Auckland Store)
We start order delivery from 7 pm, the arriving time is depend on the delivery route, please be patient.
2. Courier Post. (For orders over 10 km radius of All Auckland Stores and Other Region)
Please note order may get delay due to heavy courier traffic
3. Australia Orders: Same as usual.

How to refer a friend

by Roger Pu on October 13, 2020

Several Step and You can get your 350 points

1. Access www.xvape.co.nz and login in your account

2. Click "Reward Points" on the left corner

3. Click "Refer friends" on the pop up screen

4. Here is the different way that you can refer your friends

    Click "Tweet", "WhatsApp", "FB Message", "FB Share" or "Email" and send to your friend. Or you can copy the link and send to your friend via txt message or other software.

5. You friend will have a 10% discount off the whole order when they click this link, create their account to place the order. When the order amount is over $35, you will have 350 points add up to your loyalty points.


If you bring your friend to our retail store, please inform our staff and they can help you to go through this process.


Happy Vaping


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